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    EARLY NOTIFICATION: DojoChimp x Jits VITRUVIAN Collab Gi Release

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    This special edition gi release is limited to just 100 units in total, and putting your email down on this specific email list will ensure that you know about the gi release first. We'll even give a head start to the people on this list, with early access to the shop page on release day.

    After this gi is released, this email list will no longer be used - it is for THIS release only.
    There is no cost to sign up for the advanced notification.


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    DojoChimp and Jits partnered together on this limited-run gi project, inspired by the Jits team's obsession with all things Leonardo Da Vinci. This gi pays homage to Da Vinci's famous sketch of the Vitruvian Man, depicting the ideal human proportions, which he based on the writings of the ancient Roman architect, Vitruvius. As we know all too well from our training, the physics of jiu-jitsu put human geometry to optimum use, which is why we are sure that Da Vinci would have certainly developed a love for the Gentle Art if he had been living today. Produced in a raw cotton colorway with olive brown accents and detailings to match the colors of Da Vinci's original sketch, this special edition gi gives a nod to one of the most inspirational thinkers in history.